This page is to serve as a how-to/help page for the Magnalatch Replacement Knobs in my Etsy shop. Please feel free to add a comment or contact me if you have issues determining which option you need to select for purchase, or if you need assistance with installation.

Feel free to contact me if you cannot find answers to your questions here.

Selecting the Correct Replacement Knob

The first step is to identify what model of latch you have. There is a V2 and V3 models. This guide should help you determine which model you have.

Once you find the correct model, the guide will walk you through examples of damage for each of the latches. Please note that if you have complete damage on a V2 model that installation is tricky, so if you have a partial knob pull left, you should use the moderate damage option for the V2 model. Use the ID guide to determine the amount of damage you have on each of your latches and purchase the correct quantity from the Etsy link above.

Purchase Knobs


Each damage description has a link to the page used to follow the installation instructions, so you will need to review the guide again upon receipt of the knobs and follow the installation instructions. At a minimum, you will need a small phillips screw driver, a drill and a 1/16” drill bit. For V2 complete installation, you will also need a 1/32” drill bit, some sand paper or file, a pair of diagonal cutters, and a large paperclip. For more difficult/tricky installations, please see the notes below for assistance.

Note: You can zoom in on these pages to get more details in the picture. If you have additional pictures to share in order to update documentation, please contact me.

V2 Complete - Additional Notes

V2 Complete Knob replacement is tricky and may require you to remove the Magnalatch unit from your gate. It should come off easily using the screw towards the bottom and slide off. The replacement guide is here shows a V2 unit with no knob installed on it, so if your latch has a partial knob and you can lift it from the bottom of the lip and open the gate, you may want to go with the moderately damaaged option and not complete replacement. If you choose to go the complete replacement route, you will need to remove the clip at the top of the latch shown 1. here.