This is a collection of some personal projects I’ve worked on/contributed to. Unfortunately, documentation is always the last thing I do, so it’s not always complete - just like those Perl scripts still running and breaking at work.

Feel free to contact me or ping me on twitter if you have questions.

3d Printing

My latest time sink. You can find most of my designs at Thingiverse. I’m mainly using Tinkercad to do designs, so you can look there for the original versions of the projects on Thingiverse. If I build anything worthy of a blog post, I’ll tag it with 3d.

  • Kingroon KP3S - Small printer with a small following, but it’s been fun to tinker with it.

Home Automation

  • Hubitat - My home automation system is built around Hubitat. I was all-in on SmartThings, then Samsung bought them :(. I spent much of early 2019 migrating things away and building my own apps that didn’t yet exist (like the Honeywell Alarm System integration).

  • IPCamViewer - Web-based notification / viewing system for Hikvision security cameras. Loosely ties into above automation because of linking to motion/presence.

  • ecovacs-api - I needed a way for Hubitat to fire up my vaccuum cleaner. It’s Python so it’s bad.

  • Pool Controller - How I created a remote pool controller from a LinkNode R8 ESP8266 relay device that to controls both my pool pump (SuperFlo VS) and color LED lighting, all via Hubitat.

Blog posts associated with Home Automation will be under the tag Home Automation.

Weather Junky

Acurite is a pretty crummy company because of how they discontinued their SmartHub device without reason when it worked perfectly well, then required you to buy a more expensive device that wasn’t as feature-rich and sent cloud updates in longer intervals to replace it. Instead of doing this, I decided to use a Raspberry Pi to replace their receiver and now I have full access to my data and can control how and where it is used. You can find that project here. I’ll likely replace my weather sensor with a different brand when the time comes for it to die, but my requirement for a waterproof temperature sensor for my pool has kept me on Acurite. Weewx and the Belchertown Skin don’t make me miss the Acurite App or UI, and I get as frequent updates as I want.

Other Code

  • Github Repo - I keep most of my code on github, so have at it.

  • Symantec VIP Push System for Remote Service Requests - If you run Symantec VIP MFA and want your help desk to validate the end-user, you can use this tool to push a notification to your users and get confirmation that they are who they say they are.

  • BMW Milage Tracking - Somewhat still works for the BMW i3 (and possibly others). They keep messing up the API and taking away capabilities.